Madshot (PC Steam) Sidearms & Synergies (2022 July 7)

Modified on Fri, 15 Sep 2023 at 01:06 PM

Sidearms & Synergies


• Added a new sidearms room that spawns in the map.
• Added 8 sidearms with unique functionalities designed to augment your other abilities.

Main Weapons:

• We have reworked the guns to increase variety and encourage experimentation with new synergies.


• ”Drop action” is now "Pickup/Drop action" so you can still pick up objects when you have a sidearm equipped. Remember to use the custom key bindings to suit your playstyle.

Alterations: Paths & Synergies

Alterations are no longer lumped into one pool. Your early choices will unlock new options that complement your build. Experiment with different starting choices and don’t underestimate what a few “Enhancements” (level-ups) can do.

We have reworked most alterations to encourage creative builds and synergies, as well as added some new ones to make specialized builds more viable.


• Residue: Toxic foes spawn a gas Cloud on death.
• Recycle: Dominated foes spawn a healing orb on death
• Rust: First bullet after reloading gains additional Toxic Damage
• Mender: Dominated foes are restored to full health.
• Pandemonium: Foes afflicted with dominate gain more damage for every other dominated foe.


• Most alterations have either had their functionality or numbers tweaked to better synergize with a wider array of builds and combinations.

Removed (Or replaced with store items):

• Dark Coin
• Midas Touch
• Dark Touch
• Dark Coin
• Daze
• Flatulence

Other changes


• ”Face of the Abyss” duration has been doubled, and you emit a “curse wave” every 2 seconds.
• “Face of the void” now requires half the essence of the other ults.


• Updated all the store Items' art.
• Updated some old Icons and VFX.


• Various changes to store items functionality and price.


• New alternating track for zone 1-2.


Explosions now damage you as well. But don’t let that scare you off.

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