The Bloodline (Steam) EA Hotfix #3 (2023 October 19)

Modified on Thu, 19 Oct 2023 at 11:00 AM


  • You can now place a spell in the first offhand spell slot.
  • You can now complete "The Family's Pickaxe" peacefully.
  • Fixed "Drop Kick" not appearing in your skill book until reloading.
  • Optimized Overworld inventory sheet.
  • Bloodleech spell should no longer lock attacks.
  • Small Green Slime companion should now spawn with you if you selected him as a companion.
  • Replaced the flintlock on Artificer's table at the Harbinger Stronghold with a working version.
  • Now – when loading a save file – the game recognizes the correct folder and the 'Load Save' button is no longer greyed out.



  • Wolves now have their level locked between 3 and 5.
  • Loot containers can now be quick-looted with the space button and quick-closed with the E button.
  • The "Missing Miner" quest indicator now directs you to the cave entrance before leading you to the miner's location.
  • Molten Crag now has different exploration music.
  • Parford Monastery Crypt now changes exploration music when entering.
  • Reduced Jetpack Goblin health.
  • Removed the "Clear Save" button from pause windows.
  • Removed the soft cap for harvesting level.



  • Added taming hearts to Wolfdover Timberland
  • To prevent players from getting stuck in the Overworld, you can now press shift+click to teleport in the Overworld!
  • Added "LoadLevel" command to custom console - just type "LoadLevel" then type in the area's name.

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