The Bloodline (Steam) EA Hotfix #4 (2023 December 11)

Modified on Mon, 11 Dec 2023 at 03:55 PM


  • Fixed issues with diseases not curing properly
  • You can cure minor diseases by resting for 3 or more hours in a bed, drinking a Cure Ailments Potion, or waiting for your character to naturally cure themself
  • Fixed an issue where the Logging Hut job board would not spawn properly
  • Fixed issue with Quarry job board only allowing for interaction at certain angles
  • Fixed issue with beds not progressing time when resting in them
  • Fixed issue with library desks not allowing you to study magic until leaving and returning to your village
  • Fixed issue with "Slide" skill causing camera displacement (Added cooldown as well)
  • Fixed issue with the completed building window not showing the proper building info
  • The "Deathfog" event should now work properly - The Deathfog spawns have been changed to allow for 15 undead to be spawned at once, preventing hordes of 100's of undead which causes crashes
  • Can no longer interact with most items when the console is open
  •  Fishing (specifically, failing or canceling the fishing minigame) should no longer break equipping/unequipping your weapons



  • Diseases now appear under your health bar as a status effect. (Hold ALT to view active status effects)
  • Various spelling error corrections
  • Consuming an item from your consumables bag no longer closes the window. To close it, you'll have to press the consumable bag button again.
  • Centered roof on Wizard Tower
  • Increase mining node spawn rate for Rocky Hills areas

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