The Bloodline (Steam) July Update (2024 July 9)

Modified on Tue, 9 Jul at 10:31 AM


  • The player’s location and rotation are now saved
    • Nearby harvestable objects are saved
    • Enemy locations are not saved
    • Returning to the overworld resets the player’s save location
  • Added brightness slider
  • Added 17 new food recipes
  • Added ~15 new armor pieces (Masks and variants of them as well as a new iron heavy armor set! Masks can be found at the Pillars of Misrafal and the new iron armor can be found at the Elderglen or Khenmoore blacksmiths!)
  • Added ~5 new general weapons
  • Added “Running” to the “IncreaseSkill” console command
  • Added the Spear of Chaos
  • Added the Greenwarden Axe
  • Added the Black Flame Tongue
  • Added new Proficiency Books, which level up their associated skill immediately upon reading them
  • Added Cookbooks, which reveal recipes to the player. (If the player already knows the recipe, they earn cooking EXP)
  • Added new skill – Concentrated Antigravity (Makes any physics object float!)
  • (Test run) Dynamic Civilians! (Elderglen, Khenmoore, Woodhurst, Velosia and Arema)
    • Civilian jobs now dictate their dialogue in the listed cities
    • Every civilian with a job (in the listed cities) can give the player randomly generated quests (Assignments), which can be turned in at the city delivery box
  • Changed overworld event display (Now shows event name, collapses when zoomed out, reducing screen clutter. Hovering over the event while zoomed out expands the details)


  • Added 2 new locations of interest:
    • Warden's Glade (Contains unique item if the player is at least level 5 in Druidism AND 2-handed weapons)
    • Lakeveil Wood
  • Added 1 new cave: Whisperwind Grotto (Contains Runewheel Puzzle)
  • Added interior to Abandoned Logging Camp location with a unique NPC! (Kill the bandit leader to get the key to the cellar!)
  • Added new interior elements and loot to Parford Castle
  • Added new loot to the Bandit Woods
  • Added more harvestable spawns
  • Added interior to Dwarven structure (Contains puzzle!)
  • Added more loot to Carifax's Tower
  • Added Overgrown Church


  • Added new cave, the Scholar’s Hollow (Contains puzzle)
  • Added Temple of the Fatal Relic (Contains 2 puzzles)
  • Added Ignis Cavern (Contains puzzle)
  • Added Nomad’s Pass
  • Added Nomad’s Pass Cave (Contains puzzle)
  • Added Misrafal Caravanserai
  • Added Pillar Sandpool
  • Added Nomad's Refuge
  • Added Dymdall's Hall of Knowledge (ONLY opens on Dymdag. Pulling the lever on any other day will not open the passage)
  • Added new enemy spawns
  • Added more harvestable spawns


  • Added Overgrown Academy (Contains loot, skill book and skill point)
  • Added Sand Scarred Waytower Cave (Contains Puzzle)
  • Added interior to Elder’s Tower
  • Added Sunblazed Cove (Contains Puzzle)
  • Added the Crypt of the Warbound (Contains Puzzle)
  • Added Crypt of the Warbound Underground (Contains special weapon)


Bug Fixes/Optimizations:

  • Fixed animation when climbing while unarmed
  • Fixed Magic Carpet not working with favorite mount key
  • Fixed White Direwolf not working with favorite mount key
  • Poison Bolt now grants Druidism EXP
  • Demon of Grief can no longer be ragdolled
  • Fixed issue with Vazoirrig Fishbane not accepting Spineback
  • Fixed spawn location for Korfil during his questline (Elderglen)
  • Fixed issue when exiting cooking at certain cooking stations that would cause the player’s character model to be visible in first person
  • Fixed issue with “The Spellweaver” quest not progressing under certain circumstances
  • Fixed Oak and Ash tree woodcutting EXP
  • Fixed issue with Goblin Infantry T-posing when disarmed
  • Fixed issue with the Unarmed skill “Fist Projection” rotating the player character
  • Fixed issue that would not allow for bonus loot to be obtained from mushrooms and herbs
  • Fixed the issue with multiple bears being spawned when attacking them
  • Fixed Basic Greatsword
  • Clicking “Loot All” on a container that contains a bag of gold no longer adds the bag to your inventory. Instead, it adds the gold to your inventory
  • NPCs that you speak with should no longer spin 360 degrees to face you
  • Fixed day/night cycle speed in Woodhurst
  • Ragdoll level is now properly tracked on the stat sheet
  • The staff given from the quest “The Departed” should now be properly given upon quest completion
  • Fixed many weapons that had issues with the “Throw Weapon” skill (mostly the weapon model not matching your actual weapon)
  • Characters of smaller stature can now throw the Pumpkinade as intended
  • Fixed quest progression issues with The Flames in the Sand questline
  • Fixed various collision issues with buildings in Askil
  • Civilians in Eldern cities should spawn with the proper dialogue
  • Fixed issue with the climbing and decorating tutorial not properly appearing
  • Fixed issue with skill book skill slots being misaligned after unlearning a skill
  • Fixed issue with the “Leg Swipe” skill allowing you to cast another skill before it was completed which would create camera issues.
  • Fixed issue with saved potion recipes not properly updating the potion icon
  • Fixed issue with Molten Missile not properly colliding with many surfaces
  • Player no longer gets stuck in a falling/jumping state when speaking with an NPC immediately after jumping
  • Offhand dagger is no longer visible when daggers are sheathed
  • Crashing on the Flying Broomstick or Magic Carpet should no longer ever break your camera rotation and interaction
  • Fixed issue with the “Enhanced Jump” effect on potions
  • Fixed issue with interaction being broken after interacting with certain objects
  • Can no longer succeed in the harvesting minigame even when missing the target
  • Fixed various collision issues at the Pillars of Misrafal
  • Sunbreaker Maul VFX are no longer visible in the inventory screen preview
  • Fixed dialogue with wine salesman in Arema
  • Pressing ESC on the level-up screen no longer disables the cursor
  • Corrected the weapon image for the Sunbreaker Maul
  • Player no longer gets stuck in flying animation after using Eviscerating Blink and sheathing their daggers
  • Tooltips should no longer show the incorrect heal amount
  • ALL passives should now be working properly
  • Enemies now freeze when starting the cutscene at the top of the Steps of Esros, preventing the player from being attacked if enemies follow them to the altar
  • Character preview now works properly in the village of Kalava
  • Fixed issue when progressing through “An Angler’s Revenge” questline
  • Fixed issue with the harvesting minigame that would allow you to get a successful hit if you spammed the interact key
  • Fixed cave entrance to the Valley Waytower Hollow at the Flowing Sands
  • Fixed many visual issues
  • Fixed aspects of the Elderglen Lionsmane Guildhall
  • Fixed Mayzar’s dialogue in Turacca (no longer repeats quest intro)
  • Fixed thumbnail for Grey Horse
  • The console command “Increaseskill Running” should now work properly
  • Failing to tame a Small Green Slime no longer spawns an oddly coloured slime with the name of “Deer”
  • Fixed issue with Cataclysmic Split sometimes locking your attacks after use
  • Fixed quest goal location market for stages of “The New Ralah” questline
  • Fixed weapon name (if long enough) not properly fitting in the tooltip name location
  • Fixed weapon name (if long enough) not properly fitting on-screen when swapping weapons
  • The Decorating 101 quest can now be progressed with the new village decoration system
  • Mounts can more reliably be mounted without having to be very close
  • Selecting a female character when starting a new game and equipping a weapon no longer changes your torso to that of a male character
  • Various grammatical fixes



  • Dramatically reduced chance to catch Ogrestench from Hill Trolls
  • Reduced Updraft cooldown
  • Block entrance to Gin Badur (Whitebrook Haven) until the interior is completed
  • Adjusted how civilians are spawned and how they move around cities. Most cities should now feel more alive.
  • Adjusted vendor purchase and sell prices to slow down player money acquisition
  • Made the camera zoom in/out when speaking with an NPC smoother
  • Moved spawn point at the Flowing Sands
  • Status effect icons (Diseases, buffs) no longer fade off HUD, improving clarity for ongoing effects on the player
  • Mortar Arrow, Frost Arrow, Fire Arrow, Rimeshot, Balloon Arrow, Homing Arrow, and Mind's Eye Arrow now work with Crossbows!
  • Updated overworld spawn points for the Elderglen Woods (Camping near the locations of interest now places you near them when entering the area)
  • Tripled the distance at which you can zoom in on the overworld
  • Grapple no longer nullifies fall damage
  • Completely reworked the Dropkick skill, which includes the following fixes:
    1. No more jittery camera when activating the skill
    2. No longer shoves you under the map when ragdolling immediately after landing
    3. No more odd camera rotation after landing
    4. More reliable hit detection
    5. Should ALWAYS launch you in the direction you want to go.
  • Lumistrike Crystals no longer show damage numbers
  • Reduced overworld HUD size
  • Reduced size of overworld event timer
  • Doubled the distance at which overworld events can spawn
  • Greatly reduced the duration of the “Sunburn” debuff
  • Swapping to an enchanted item now shows the enchanted item’s name
  • The text popup warning players about the Askillian sun should now only appear if they are not wearing protective gear
  • Ents can no longer be ragdolled
  • Opening the achievement window now fades HUD, preventing UI overlaps


Other important notes:

  • CROSSBOWS will no longer have their own skill tree – instead, they will share most skills with bows! Skills on the “Bows & Crossbows” skill tree will indicate if they can also be used with crossbows.
  • For those affected by the broom mana regen bug (if your mana no longer naturally regenerates), you can type “Restore mana regen” in the console to fix this issue. The broom should no longer cause this issue as well.

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