The Bloodline (Steam) Easter Update Hotfix (2024 April 9)

Modified on Tue, 09 Apr 2024 at 09:05 AM


  • Fixed issue with Vampire skill tree not letting you unlock skills even if you're the proper Vampire level
  • Fixed issue with Lionsmane Battle always spawning in certain Grassy Plains maps
  • Added map for Hostile Logging Camp (No longer boots you to title screen upon entering)
  • Oak trees now drop the correct logs
  • Prophet's Spear now deals damage correctly
  • Fixed sleep UI not showing the correct name of the day you are on.
  • If you did not receive the Grimclaw companion upon donating all eggs, visit the Grimclaw Burrow again and interact with the basket. If the basket was somehow out of sync with the quest (as in, the quest is completed but the basket is missing eggs), interacting with the basket should give you the companion.
  • Hallowed Earth now consumes mana properly
  • Spear Charge now consumes stamina properly
  • Blood Leech now consumes mana properly
  • Mortar Arrow now works with any bow
  • Mortar Arrow now consumes stamina properly
  • Fixed skillbook tooltips (Text should no longer clip out of the tooltip box)
  • Can no longer lock weaponsmithing UI by clicking "Auto Craft" then clicking "Craft" quickly after
  • Auto craft now grants the proper amount of weaponsmithing EXP
  • Clicking during the weaponsmithing minigame no longer returns control to your character
  • Moonstone Ultrasword now crafts the proper weapon
  • Level 7 Weaponsmithing is no longer unlocked at level 6 (lol)
  • Optimized crafting (specifically, when quickly clicking the craft button. A slight delay was added to the button after clicking it as well, to further help mitigate issues)
  • Major optimizations to most locations, especially the overworld
  • Optimized achievement screen
  • Fixed issue where items in the "Accessory" slot (ring icon slot) would be destroyed if a new item was equipped before unequipping the item first (for those of you who lost your woodcutting harness this way, type in "AddItem WoodcuttingHarness 1" to the console! (:
  • When using the Vampire skill "Feed", you should get an accurate update to the amount of time you have left until you are blood starved (No longer loops at 1 hour)
  • You should now be able to turn in 3 Goblin Shivs to Shmilmorf during the "Shivs for Shmilmorf" questline
  • Fixed issue where you could spam-click during harvesting to get a ton of mining/woodcutting EXP
  • Mushrooms now grant the proper amount of Foraging EXP
  • Removed old and broken berry bushes
  • Fixed issue with "Focused Shot" consuming 2 bullets at a time. If only 1 bullet is loaded, the amount would go negative, allowing you to fire semi-automatically (funny AND fun, but broken lol)
  • Fixed dead-end dialogue with Prawix if you tell him you don't have the staff he asks you to retrieve
  • Tania's dialogue changes after completing her quest "House Blend", preventing you from being able to accept the quest again
  • "Gilded Coffee" now cures diseases as intended
  • Fixed odd building placement in Elderglen (Upper building near the castle)
  • Fixed bug that wouldn't track when you created a Fletcher's Brew for the Fletcher's Brew questline
  • The Fletcher's Fowl tavernkeeper should now give you the recipe for the Fletcher's Brew. If you didn't get it when you started the quest, returning it to him will allow you to ask for the recipe (if the quest is still active)
  • Fixed issue where custom potions wouldn't show up when the "Potions" filter was selected in your inventory screen
  • Fixed issue that would place removed skills back in the slot you removed them from
  • Fixed issue with shields unequipping themselves when entering the overworld with a spear and shield equipped
  • Set a limit of 60 FPS inside menu pages.
  • Now Unhook doesn't activate Hide mode anymore.
  • Users are now able to bind the 'Throw' action.
  • Fixed some overflowing text inside the building construction interface.


  • The game now saves after collecting an Aegis Egg to prevent quest/event misalignment
  • Added missing quest trackers to overworld areas
  • Increased drop rate of Goblin Shivs from Stitch Snitch Goblins by 20%
  • Removed the "Feed" skill from the Vampire skill tree as it is an inherent skill of being a Vampire
  • Re-opened segment of Three Sister's Forest
  • Refined harvestable spawns at the Three Sisters Forest
  • For now, custom potions will no longer show up in the trade window. (Will be re-added when the issue with them not selling properly is resolved!)
  • Optimized foliage LODs and culling
  • Cleaning up overlapping meshes
  • Landscape optimization
  • Dynamic light optimization
  • Fake sphere light optimization
  • Optimization of levels:
    •     Harbinger Stronghold
    •     Overworld
    •     Parford Lake
    •     Brittlebean Hold
    •     Ordwood
    •     The Entrance of Monlodir
    •     Khenmoore flatlands
    •     MoonHorn Cliffs
    •     Ravens Reach
    •     Arema
    •     Three Sisters Forest
    •     The Glennheim Hills
    •     The Molten Crag
    •     Wolfdover Timberland
    •     Tomb Of The Betrayer
    •     Elderglen Woods
    •     The Necropolis of Dornhurst


  • Added new overworld event: Hostile Logging Camps! Enter these events to fight goblin-infested logging camps and loot all of the woodcutting resources for yourself!
  • Added new overworld event: Caravan Ambush! Fight alongside the Merchant to receive some gold and EXP! 
  • Added new overworld event: Lionsmane Battle! Join a battle between a group of Lionsmane Mercenaries and Bandits! 
  • Added new buttons "0" and "Max" to the building construction interface.

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