The Bloodline (Steam) Easter & Key Binding/Controller Update (2024 March 12)

Modified on Tue, 12 Mar 2024 at 09:55 AM


  • The Verglas Elk now has a proper description and details on the mount selection screen
  • Fixed issue with Vampire skill tree not unlocking vampire skills
  • Fixed issue where companions would sometimes aim their attacks at you when there isn't an enemy nearby to target
  • Fixed random player spawns at grassy plain areas


    • Goal: Grant Woodcutting and Mining levels more frequently and allow the player to gather more resources faster, while also incentivizing players to harvest resources that are at their Woodcutting or Mining level.
    • Woodcutting/Mining Level Progression changes: Shifted all resource level requirements to be higher than before - but also dramatically increased the EXP you gain from harvesting them. The amount of Woodcutting/Mining EXP the resources grant you should be paced much better than before, with higher-level resources granting much more EXP!
    • Resources: You have a base bonus loot chance of 15%. The higher your level relative to the harvestable level increases the bonus chance! For example - if you're level 30 Woodcutting and you chop down a level 1 tree (Pine trees), you have a nearly 50% chance to earn bonus loot with each hit! You also now gain between 1-3 extra resources for bonus loot hits. This should help lessen the grind for basic materials, especially if you're at a high level in the respective harvesting skill.
    • All dates will now have some form of event happening somewhere in the world. 
    • Changed the way events are selected, allowing for specific areas to receive unique events (will be useful when new kingdoms are added!)
    • Added descriptions to all calendar events
  • Reduced volume of victory fanfare after defeating overworld enemy groups


  • Added Easter-themed questline/event! Visit the Khenmoore Flatlands to receive a letter from a delivery bird to start the quest.
  • Added new mount: Meadowstrider
  • Added a new cave to the Khenmoore Flatlands: The Grimclaw Burrow (Related to the Easter questline!)
  • Added new companion: The Grimclaw
  • Added new woodcutting resource: Oak Trees! (No crafting recipes require oak logs yet!)

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