The Bloodline (Steam) The Sands of Askil – Kingdom 2 Update (2024 May 23)

Modified on Thu, 23 May 2024 at 08:12 AM



  • A new Kingdom, Askil, is now accessible and playable through the overworld.
  • Added 11 new explorable areas:
    • Al’Mayya
    • Al’Thumralah
    • Fal Fadir Oasis
    • Kalava
    • Karraq
    • Muscan
    • The Flowing Sands
    • The Pillars of Misrafal
    • The Scorched Coast
    • The Sunbrand Colosseum
    • Turacca
  • Added 20 new questlines:
    • The Sands of Askil
    • Strange Magic
    • Matters Most Pressing
    • The Mirage
    • Wellward Bound
    • Wraith of the Well
    • The Flames in the Sand
    • The Departed
    • The First Signs
    • The Scorched Spire
    • Provenance Pursuit
    • The New Ralah
    • Stonehaven Goblins
    • Binding the Elements
    • Legionnaire Training
    • Correspondence of Clergy
    • Familiar Bones
    • Awakening
    • The CocoNUT
    • Askil Rascals


  • Added Askillian Sun – A mechanic present in the new desert locations!
  • Added lockpicking
  • Added puzzles:
    • Music doors! Play the lute to open these doors
    • Weight Triggers! Place physics objects on the weight plate until it is fully pressed
    • Rotating Statues! Make the statues face a certain direction to complete the puzzle
    • Blocked/Locked doors. Blocked doors can only be opened from one side, creating more interesting locations that can only be accessed in certain ways. Doors also work as lockpicking doors.
    • Rune Wheels - Rotate the wheels so they are all pointing to the correct runes!
    • Windwheels – spin the wheel with constant damage to open doors! (The new Aeromancy spell “Billow” is a good choice with these puzzles!)
    • Lumistrike Crystals – Hit these crystals to activate them! Some are timed, requiring you to hit all of them before they deactivate.
    • Keywing Scarabs – Chase these scarabs to get them to unlock the doors associated with them!
    • Sun Mirrors – Stand near them and press the interact button to adjust the beam that the mirror creates!


  • Added new resource types
    • Coconuts
    • Palm Trees
    • Sandstone Ore
    • Sandstone Ingots
    • Aloe


  • Added 13 new enemy types:
    • Raider Sandclaw (Raider Faction)
    • Raider Geomancer (Raider Faction)
    • Raider Duneslicer (Raider Faction)
    • Sandscourge (Creature faction)
    • Scorched Geodite (Creature Faction)
    • Dustbone (Undead Faction)
    • Goblin Sandscamp (Goblin Faction)
    • Goblin Savage (Goblin Faction)
    • Sand Serpent (Creature Faction)
    • Lesser Sand Serpent (Creature Faction)
    • Sungrub (Creature Faction)
    • Finfolk Spearman (Creature Faction)
    • Dustmaw (Creature Faction)


  • Added a new weapon sub-type: Rapiers!
  • Added 10 new weapons:
    • Sandstone Daggers
    • Sandstone Ultrasword
    • Sandstone Shortsword
    • Sandstone Longsword
    • Sandstone Mace
    • Sandstone Shield
    • Desert Raider Throwing Hatchet
    • Acolyte Geomancer Staff
  • Added 20+ new basic weapons to the general loot pool

  • Added 21 new armor parts:
    • Red Skirt
    • Purple Skirt
    • Green Skirt
    • Askillian Greaves
    • Faulded Greaves (Purple)
    • Faulded Greaves (Blue)
    • Light Armor Pants (Blue)
    • Martial Artist Garb (Green)
    • Martial Artist Garb (Purple)
    • Martial Artist Garb (Blue)
    • Askillian Soldier Cuirass
    • Forearm Straps
    • Bone Gauntlets
    • Cowskull Helmet
    • Horns (Head, Top)
    • Masked Hood
    • Surcoat (Purple)
    • Surcoat (Green)
    • Surcoat (Blue)
    • Surcoat (Red)
    • Askillian Headwrap


  • Added 3 new Aeromancy skills:
    • Updraft
    • Billowing Winds
    • Tornado
  • Added 1 new mysterious skill - Warpbolt
  • Added 3 new passives to the Shield Skill Tree
    • Fortified Advance
    • Sunward Shield
    • Shielded Respite
  • Added 3 new passives to the Daggers Skill Tree
    • Light Footed
    • Pointed Ascent
    • Assassin’s Kiss
  • Added 7 new passives to the Shield Skill Tree
    • Calloused
    • Fighter’s Rush
    • Fighter's Focus
    • Pressure Points
    • Soaring Kick
    • Reverse Vault
    • Toss and Tumble
  • Added 1 new passive to the Shield Skill Tree
    • Earthshaker Strike


  • Added the Enchanting Table! Allows players to craft their very own enchanted weaponry
  • Added Enchantment Tomes - books hidden throughout the world that unlock new enchantment types!
  • Added 8 new enchantment types:
    • Illumination
    • BlazeBlaze
    • FrostFrost
    • ElectricityElectrici
    • EarthenEarthen
    • ArcaneArcane
    • BloodBlood
    • Poison (Randomly generated weapons cannot roll with this enchantment yet)
  • Added 15 new craftable weapons
  • The Wizard Tower now grants a 100 mana buff
  • The Wizard Tower now spawns a weapon enchanting table


  • Added 1 new guild – Sunbrand Legion


  • Added multiple sales/purchases with RMB on one item during trading
  • Now the positive seller relation also affects the items' selling price
  • Now the negative seller relation affects both the buying and selling price


  • Fixed some minor problems in Arema
  • Fixed civilian roaming in Arema
  • Fixed issue where enemies wouldn’t stagger if you went above their stagger threshold on the first hit you land on them
  • Fixed issue with overworld teleport cheat that would cause the player to fall through the ground
  • Fixed issue with “Autocraft” being available for non-weaponsmithing crafting
  • Fixed issue where you could upgrade jobs even if you don’t have enough gold to do soFixed issue where you could upgrade jobs even if you don’t have enough gold to do so
  • Fixed dead-end dialogue with the Ghost of Millshadeend 
  • Fixed issue with the potion crafting table not properly clearing the “level required” tags even when you’re at or above the required level
  • Fixed issue with harvesting resources with fists raised
  • Spawning another mount while mounted doesn’t make the player get stuck


  • Optimized fishing spot
  • Optimized trading UI
  • Optimized Mortal Fear skill and fear logic in general
  • Partial Particle System Conversion from Cascade to Niagara
  • General Optimization of VFX
  • General optimization of levels:
    • The Entrance of Monlodir
    • Harbinger Stronghold
    • Arema
  • General Light Optimization
  • Completely revamped Ultrasword animations
  • Removed FOV change for Shield Plow skill
  • Players can no longer dodge when under 15 staminaPlayers can no longer dodge when under 15 stamina
  • Removed troop command window for the time being
  • You can now still jump when your stamina is depleted, but not as high
  • Starting a conversation now fades your HUD
  • Quake Toss no longer targets dead enemies

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