The Bloodline (Steam) EA Hotfix #6 (2024 February 29)

Modified on Thu, 29 Feb 2024 at 08:59 AM

  • Fixed contradictory damage numbers for when an item is in your inventory vs equipped
  • Fixed typos on the unarmed skill tree
  • Fixed coffee recipe
  • Fixed Astral Rift not spawning enemies properly (reduced required kills from 30 to 15)
  • Fixed Two Handed proficiency nodes
  • Fixed the issue with the pause window getting stuck when quickly pausing/unpausing
  • Fixed the issue where the game would crash when leaving and then entering an area after leveling up your Vampirism skill
  • Fixed issue with crashes with Astral Rift event in the Khenmoore Flatlands
  • ESC now closes the potion crafting window (Still opens the pause screen - will be fixed soon as well)
  • Fixed dead-end dialogue with Leon Harfort in Arema
  • The staff skill "Totem" no longer requires you to leave your staff, leaving you unarmed. You will now keep your staff and a duplicate staff will be placed.
  • Upgrading a guild assignment no longer gets rid of the guild currency reward
  • All Druid form spells should hide your ranged weapon when shapeshifted
  • Moonstone Ingot removed from level 1 smelting options
  • Autonomous Bot now appears in your companion window after crafting it (works now!) (all of its components can now be obtained through console commands as well)
  • Destroying the Paladin's Tower after constructing it now properly destroys all of the components
  • Reduced damage from coughing with Shaky Throat disease
  • Changed quest accept/completed UI
  • Goblin Leaders should now spawn instead of Goblin Infantry for Lionsmane "Hunt Goblin Leader" assignments
  • Fixed issue with the Vampire skill "Feed" not properly tracking Vampirism EXP
  • Fixed text clipping out of passive skill tooltips
  • Fixed text clipping out of the companion window
  • Undead Staff now shoots projectiles with the default staff attack
  • Fixed issue in Birch Forest where every single mining ore node would spawn in a single spot

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