The Bloodline (Steam) Southern Winds update (2023 November 30)

Modified on Thu, 30 Nov 2023 at 07:50 AM


  • At the end of a month, your calendar will now refresh with the new month
  • Fixed dead-end dialogue with Nathan Cain
  • Players should no longer automatically level up foraging upon starting a new game
  • Fixed an issue where some plots would not save donated resources
  • Fixed HUD issues when interacting with plots at your village
  • Optimized Woodhurst
  • Optimized Velosia
  • Fixed various lighting issues in Woodhurst
  • Fixed broken dialogue with Castleside Inn tavernkeeper
  • Fixed dead-end conversation with Woodrow Hemoth at the Fletcher's Fowl Tavern
  • Ash Trees now reward the proper amount of EXP
  • Summoned creatures should no longer throw enemies around by running into them
  • Fixed issue where if you were above level 5 Weaponsmithing, the weapon quality bar would fail to increase
  • Reanimated enemies should no longer attack you with their special attacks (if you come across one that is still attacking you, let me know!)
  • Fixed odd collision in Velosia corner
  • Adjusted Millshade "ceiling" block volume to close a small gap that allowed players to fly OoB
  • Dialogue with a Millshade citizen that would allow you to accept "The Wheatfield Groans" quest more than once
  • Fixed the issue where players could open multiple calendar windows at once
  • Fixed odd collision at the entrance to Arema
  • Added ceiling blocking volume to Khenmoore to prevent players from going OoB
  • Fixed the Hill Troll health bar not appearing properly (and other collision issues with his capsule)
  • Fixed the Unholy Corruption Zone spawning issue for "The Forest Grave" quest
  • Fixed dialogue branch for Bishop Grove not detecting if the "Blessings for the Dead" quest was active or not, resulting in a repeating conversation until the quest is completed.
  • "Leave Location" volumes now block mounts, including the Broomstick mount.
  • Adjusted blocking volumes/leave location volumes in the Elderglen Woods, preventing players from being able to walk off the map
  • Can no longer shoot a teleportation arrow past blocking volumes/leave location volumes
  • Players can no longer interact with harvestable items beyond their interaction distance
  • The "Tech" Category button now makes the proper hover & click sounds
  • Ogre Den (Overworld Event spawn) now has collision when entering the event
  • Askillian Wine now restores health
  • Fixed issue where some pine trees would not progress objectives requiring you to chop down pine trees
  • Fixed issue where “Fletcher’s Brew” quest would not complete when delivering the ale to Fredrick Simmons
  • Fixed an issue where characters would slide around after being knocked off the broomstick mount
  • Fixed an issue with the zipline that would create odd flying behavior for the player character
  • Added “Ceiling” blocking volume to Molten Crag
  • Fixed issue with level 10+ fishing that would make fish impossible to catch
  • Fixed issue with some shields not working with spears
  • Fixed issue where some Goblins would not increase Goblin-based objectives when killed
  • Foraging EXP boosts from food and potions now works properly
  • Various optimizations



  • Testing out a new style of skill tree with the DAGGER TREE! This new form of skill tree refines the progression experience in a way that allows players to choose skills that they want to use, while also requiring players to level up the skill that the tree is based on. Any unlocked skill within the dagger tree can be refunded by simply clicking it again, allowing you to respec at will! (Currently, respecing a skill will not remove it from your skill hotbar until you leave an area.)
  • Potion Bag is now a general consumable bag
  • Players can no longer open windows when leveling up
  • Added space between certain UI text elements in the Overworld HUD
  • Changed wording for "The Fletchers Brew" objective
  • Reduced EXP requirements for Woodcutting level
  • Beds now show interaction text
  • Dwarven enemies now spawn at Mun Dorul within the Khenmoore Flatlands
  • Some buildings now require "Large Plots" to prevent building overlaps
  • Building construction can now be canceled (does not currently return resources, so be sure to empty any resources you have dedicated to the site first!)
  • Constructed buildings can now be destroyed (do not currently return resources)
  • Buildings no longer require Wood Bundles (Except the preset buildings within the Harbinger's Stronghold - those will be replaced with various castle upgrades in the future!)
  • Assignments can now be viewed and abandoned in your journal!
  • Improved enemy AI
  • Improved companion AI
  • Basic dagger attacks now consume stamina
  • The dagger skill "Infinity Slash" now does 1.25x weapon damage per hit, instead of a base 50 damage per hit (Which was way overpowered!)
  • Adjusted various building plot locations
  • Moved reputation change updates to the text feed on the bottom left instead of having a pop-up
  • "WASD" letters for the Blacksmithing minigame have been replaced with arrows.
  • You can now use the arrow keys OR the WASD keys for the blacksmithing minigame
  • Adjusted weapon spawn rates in the Rotwood Fort in the Elderglen Woods
  • Picking up items no longer adjusts your mouse sensitivity
  • Added tops to towers in Arema 



  • Guards have been added! Speak to them to pay off your bounty. Bounties above 5000 gold will cause the guards to become hostile if you can't pay your bounty! Guards will, in the future, give you the option to be arrested and serve time instead of paying.
  • Added "Camp Anywhere" feature. You can now camp anywhere in the overworld and be dropped into a small instance of your surroundings! This, in its current stage, is a test to see if this is what the players have been asking for. Regardless of whether the Camp Anywhere feature remains, its framework is used in overworld events, making the effort worth it one way or another.
  • Added Autumnal Plains, Autumnal Birch Forest, Snowy Plains, and Snowy Pine Forest maps to the  Overworld
  • New overworld events! While exploring the overworld, events can now spawn around you. From ambushes to harvestable hotspots to moonstone meteorites!
  • New quests added to Arema: Culling the Bandits, True Relaxation, Stage Fright, Melting Point (WIP)
  • New quests added to Woodhurst: Bark Plague, Woodcutter's Passage
  • New quests added to Velosia: House Blend, Revenge
  • Fixed dialogue with Barlow Amaury
  • Time now pauses when you aren't moving in the Overworld! You can also progress time while standing still by holding SPACE.
  • New Utility Gadget Skill! The Zipline - Found in the Utility Gadget skill tree in the "Tech" category
  • Expanded and refined Arema
  • Expanded and refined Velosia
  • Refined Woodhurst
  • Refined Khenmoore
  • Added the Khenmoore Museum
  • Added armorer to Khenmoore
  • Added 8 new armor pieces! (all can be found at the Khenmoore Armorer)
  • Studded Iron Cuirass
  • Commander's Cuirass
  • Heavy Bronze Cuirass
  • Spiked Helm
  • Khenmoorian Armet Helm
  • Bronze Armet Helm
  • Bronze Leg Guards
  • Bronze Gauntlets
  • Added new weapons (craftable only!)
  • Slime-Metal Daggers
  • Slime-Metal Shortsword
  • Slime-Metal Throwing Axe
  • Slime-Metal Ultrasword
  • Added a new piece of special gear! Woodcutter's Harness - increases Woodcutting EXP gains while worn (Received via "Woodcutter's Passage" quest in Woodhurst)
  • Paladin's Tower can now be constructed
  • General Store can now be constructed, and it spawns a shopkeeper who sells basic goods
  • Constructed Bakery now spawns a shopkeeper who sells baked goods
  • Bakery, General Store, Paladin's Tower, Blacksmith, Engineer's Workshop, Wizard Tower, Graveyard, Quarry, and Church now all attract civilians to your village
  • Farming (very basic, just to test the waters) has been activated! Find or purchase seeds to grow at your stronghold. Only wheat seeds, coffee beans, and potato seeds are currently available in-game. (Farming plots can be found in your crafting menu under "Survival")
  • Added a new tutorial window that gives brief overviews of aspects of the game 
  • Added Farming level
  • Added new enemy! Infected Ents - Currently only spawn during the "Bark Plague" quest, but will be added throughout the world
  • Began adding loot and interior decorations to Naeworth Keep in the Hills of Delvenaugh
  • Added "Cure Ailments" potion that will cure your active diseases
  • Added new disease: Ogrestench
  • Added new companion: Malaya Of-The-Leaf (Woodhurst)
  • Added Lionsmane Guildhall to Velosia
  • Added Church of Arosa to Velosia
  • Added new Utility Gadget skill - Zipline (Utility Gadget Skill Tree)
  • Added new hidden skill: Kick Back (Whitebrook Haven Hot Springs, in front of the dragon pillar)
  • Added a "Reset Controls" button to the settings window
  • Added new cave to the Hills of Delvenaugh (Atacamite and Hetrum hotspot!)
  • Added a ton more harvestable spawns to the Hills of Delvenaugh
  • Added new “Job” assignments! General job boards can be found in cities, while specific job boards can be found next to constructed village buildings.
  • Added job boards to every city
  • Geomancy can now be studied with Rune Reading!
  • The Fletcher (constructible village building) now spawns a job board for animal hunts!
  • Added new constructable village building – Logging Hut!
  • The Logging Hut (constructible village building) now spawns a job board for woodcutting jobs!
  • The Library now allows you to study cryomancy, pyromancy, electromancy, and geomancy!
  • The Library (constructible village building)  now spawns a job board for magic studying!
  • The Quarry (constructible village building) now spawns a job board for mining jobs!
  • You can now save potions! Press the save icon when you’ve completed your potion to save the recipe for future use. Clicking the recipe button will automatically add the reagents and prep them accordingly!
  • You can now change your potion icon when crafting a potion. Click the potion icon next to the potion name entry box to view the potion styles!

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