The Magical Mixture Mill (Steam) EA Update #1 (2023 May 15)

Modified on Fri, 22 Sep 2023 at 10:25 AM

Hey, magical mixers!

Again, we want to say thank you for playing our game and giving us so much great feedback. We feel the passion and have our work cut out for us.

We have been brewing our first update and are ready to share it with you. This will be our first content update post Early Access release.

Our main focus was bug fixing and quality-of-life improvements - the biggest of which is key bindings!


We also have some new crates that will help with the logistics of the workshop.


New Content

  • Keybinding
    • Accessible from the in-game pause menu.
  • Workstation: Sorter crate.
    • The sorter crate has three outputs, each with a customizable filter so you can better sort your resources.
  • Workstation: Rusher crate.
  • The rusher crate functions as a normal crate, except it moves resources at four times the speed.
  • Added more map markers in Old Woods to help with navigation.



  • The Bottler workstation no longer throws empty bottles on the floor.
    • An intentional design decision that we have gone back on. It just was not the fun kind of chaos we intended.
  • We increased the interaction range.
    • You can now interact with a workstation that is more than a tile away and on the other side of an adjacent workstation. This should make workstation managing a lot more convenient.
  • Removed coin cost from building workstations - increased coin unlock cost instead.
    • Workstations costing coin when built and not being refunded when dismantled worked against one of our core tenets: Experimentation.
  • Slightly changed the HUD so the Build Mode can be opened while outside the shop. 
  • Resources now no longer exist in a “limbo” state between two workstations.
  • Swapped optimal ingredients for Vitality and Charisma mixtures.
  • Right clicking while in workstation placement mode now takes you back into the build mode interface.
  • Adv. Distiller now needs 3 mixtures to start production.
  • Added various prompts to the game - like when exiting the game and dismantling workstations.
  • Volumetric Fog now has its own setting.
  • Made various changes to environments to make paths more obvious.
  • Updated some workstation descriptions to make it clear how certain materials are made.
  • Added a hotkey to toggle the quest tracker: Q
  • Ingredients can no longer be cooked. This makes edibles more unique.
  • Music breaks are now shorter.
  • Fermenter and Flavorizer now go idle if they have a mixture but no resources.
  • Customer level is now capped at 30.


Bug fixes

  • You can now cook mushrooms in the kiln - just like other edibles.
  • Picking up, rotating, and placing a workstation on the same tile should no longer break the workstation.
  • Map markers now have their correct titles.
  • Breaking connections should no longer break workstations.
  • It should no longer be possible to trigger the “unlimited potions” bug.
  • Time should now stay consistent after multiple in-game days.
  • You should now always be able to progress past the Daily Tally and Customer Leveling Screen.
  • Customer quest rewards should now line up with the potions they demand.
  • You can no longer roll under the pier south of the city gates.
  • Valuables now have their fluff text displayed.
  • Levitation and Brief Invulnerability potions and mixtures should now be named correctly.
  • Tree stumps should no longer pop in and out of existence.
  • Griselda now only asks for Haste Potions after you have unlocked Old Woods.
  • Customers no longer make a secret stealth purchase when they reach the teleportal.
  • New customer demands trigger immediately after finishing their quest.
  • Workstation output resources should no longer get stuck in the air when the workstation is moved.
  • Trees now reflect in water.
  • Removed some unfortunate resource spawn locations.
  • Zen the wizard no longer gives Barb the druid’s quest.
  • Certain un-implemented resources no longer prevent the game from saving.
  • Bees should no longer follow some players forever.
  • Repaired bridges should no longer go back to having broken map markers when some players go to bed.
  • Mandrake sonic scream effect no longer lingers after the mandrake has been harvested.
  • Wizard origin ability should now work on bridges.

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