The Magical Mixture Mill (Stream) Update 1.1.1 (2024 June 11)

Modified on Tue, 11 Jun at 8:18 AM

Hey, magical mixers!

We are really excited about this update since we will finally be able to share our game with more players. 

Some of our most dedicated and precious players have worked hard on translating The Magical Mixture Mill to Chinese, French, and German! We are extremely thankful and proud of their efforts. 

Also, we have fixed a myriad of bugs, made some changes focused on QoL, as well as improved the overall performance of the game.


  • Chinese (Simplified) Translation

  • French Translation

  • German Translation


  • The game now pauses when minimized, fixing a bunch of unwanted quirks.

  • Arcane-O-Coils now power in a square, covering a larger area.

  • The Fermenter and Flavorizer workstations now have a “Pass Through” toggle button in the inventory. When toggled on, the workstation just allows mixtures to pass through without altering them.

  • Improved performance, especially when outside.

  • Using the scroll button to pan down on the Daily Tally screen is now much faster.

  • Added a Origin Ability Ready notification pop-up.

  • When using a controller or Steam Deck, and no interface/menu is open, holding the left face button now displays buff effects.

  • When using a controller or Steam Deck while having two inventories open, holding L1 and clicking a resource now moves 1 resource to the other inventory.

  • When using a controller or Steam Deck while having two inventories open, holding R1 and clicking a resource now moves half of the stack to the other inventory.

  • You can now move immediately after waking up.

  • Pause Menu has gotten a small polish pass.

  • You can now also pet Fiona when she is sitting on the well or laying on the bookshelf to get her daily buff.

  • Chests that are being summoned from now also display a summoning effect.

  • You can now interact with a 2x2 workstation that is just one tile away.

  • Customers now still wait outside for you to complete their quest even though it is Potion Addiction Awareness week.

  • The Crusher audio has been toned down slightly to make it less dominant.

  • ‘Fill’ inventory default hotkey has been changed to Z.

  • ‘Sort’ inventory default hotkey has been changed to X.

  • ‘Take All’ inventory default hotkey has been changed to C.

  • Transmuters now turn sandstone into stone, instead of into pebbles.

  • When moving workstations, ‘Move’ -> ’Connected’ now selects the entire workstation network, not just the direct connections.

  • When moving workstations in bulk, connections now also have bounding boxes displayed to make it easier to see where things collide.

  • The settings screen UI has gotten an update, making it more clear when changes are confirmed or discarded.

Bug fixes

  • The Master Supplier trial now correctly only requires no cravings for 5 days (instead of 10), matching the achievement.

  • The Expert Brewer trial now correctly only requires 2000 potions (instead of 3000) to be brewed in one day, matching the achievement.

  • The Master Brewer trial now correctly only requires 5000 potions (instead of 10000) to be brewed in one day, matching the achievement.

  • Summoner Crates now correctly remember their color links when loading a game.

  • Discovering Hodgepodge no longer makes the Mixture Shroompedia page glow forever.

  • Customers now still go on adventures even though their level is blocked by a quest.

  • The rogue origin ability, Shadowstrike, is now much easier to target resources with.

  • Settings changes should now only take effect when you press “Confirm.”

  • The language button now correctly works on the Steam Deck.

  • Ability Reminder can now be switched on/off using a controller.

  • The keybinding menu will now allow you to rebind the “back” button to something else.

  • Using the “Sort” hotkey now correctly sorts the currently highlighted inventory instead of the last inventory you interacted with.*

  • Arcane-O-Coils no longer lose their current mixture when loading a game.

  • Brightness levels can now correctly be changed on both the mouse & keyboard and controller and can no longer be set so low that everything turns black.

  • Fox Form now correctly has its cooldown halved when it is canceled by entering the shop.

  • The inventory interaction dropdown menu no longer goes beyond the screen border.

  • Added missing descriptions to the Necromancer, Druid, Paladin, and Alchemical Society hats.

  • Max-level customers now correctly show their level in the customer ledger screen.

  • A whole lot of grammatical errors have been fixed

  • Treasure Chests are no longer visible from inside the workshop.

  • Various quest journal and tracker text errors have been fixed.

  • Turning off “Ability Reminder” in settings now persists across play sessions.

  • The loading screen now correctly displays the amount of hours played for late-game saves.

  • Added a bunch of missing world colliders in the Old Woods Ruins and the Forgotten Forest.

*Keybinds have been reset (Sorry).

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