The Magical Mixture Mill (Steam) EA Update #4 (2024 July 2)

Modified on Tue, 2 Jul at 11:20 AM

Hey, magical mixers!

We are back with a minor update consisting mostly of fixes and some minor QoL changes.

Remember that our community does our translations and is still being fine-tuned, so pop into our discord and leave some feedback for these great people!

Happy brewin’!


  • Updated hundreds of translated text strings - some of which were incorrect quest journal entries that were completely outdated. Thank you for reporting these and thanks to our community translators for putting in the work!

  • We have changed the Chinese font to a thicker, more readable font.

  • Right-clicking a workstation now directly opens its inventory or production overview, resulting in fewer clicks needed.

  • Double-clicking the “Fill” button in a container now dumps anything from your inventory, even if it doesn’t match the current content.

  • “Sort” and “Empty” button positions have been swapped in chest and crate inventories, matching the default keyboard hotkey placement.

  • Added “transfer one” and “transfer half stack” to the hover-over hotkey notifications when selecting a resource in your inventory.

  • Workstation network placement is no longer blocked by the same network’s existing connection paths.

  • The Kiln now turns Bug Bites into Grime.


  • All translation options should now be visible in the setting drop-down, regardless of which language is currently selected.

  • Removed some outdated workstation text strings.

  • You can no longer move the “tutorial” workstations as a network.

  • Fixed a bug resulting in the noticeboard UI not opening correctly.

  • Roll, Frenzy, and I’m A Lumberjack buff icons are now displayed correctly.

  • The game should no longer “break” when minimizing the game while in the end-of-day screens.

  • Fixed an issue where you could “select nothing” in the key bindings menu while using a controller.

  • Fixed some colliders near Carla’s camp that could result in getting stuck.

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