The Magical Mixture Mill (Steam) EA Update #6 (2023 October 26)

Modified on Thu, 26 Oct 2023 at 09:34 AM



Hey, magical mixers!


Let’s cut to the chase: We added inventory sorting and chest content sharing!



Still reading? Cool! We also added a new workstation, two new tools, and a new not-so-scary questline!

Still here?! Okay: 


Charcoal has always been an early requirement for any good magical mixture production. However, as your workshop expanded, it was clear that the need for charcoal was becoming a chore more than a challenge. While we liked the idea of a fuel, what we didn’t like was how it scaled as the game progressed. For this reason, we have added the Arcane Furnace, which, once the Arcane-O-Coil is unlocked, will enable you to transition to a better, (mostly) charcoal-free, cleaner future.   


While simple on paper, customer purchases felt convoluted and hard to predict. As a result, we have completely reworked how customers decide on their purchases. The aim is to make it much more clear and easy for you to predict how many and which potions they buy.


We also wanted to boost the early potions sold while flattening the curve as the game progresses, which means that you should expect to earn more coins from selling potions in the shop in the early game, but less in the late game, compared to before. We expect further tweaks will be needed and value your feedback greatly in this area! 


And let’s face it, the Quest Tracker was really annoying. So we have made some changes to it to make it less intrusive when it isn’t needed. We also made some slight changes to the Quest Journal and added a new Quest Completed! notification that should make it easier to keep track of quests and their rewards.

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