The Magical Mixture Mill (Steam) EA Update #4 (2023 August 22)

Modified on Fri, 22 Sep 2023 at 10:09 AM

New Content

  • New Questline: Dead Investment 
    • Tully the prospector can be found near the quarry where he is rather spooked!
  • Workorders
    • Helping Tully unlocks Workorders.
    • Workorders are time limited resource/potion-intensive tasks that can be very profitable…and maybe a bit stressful.  
  • New Questline: The Philosophical Stone 
    • Dr. Wook the scientist can be found in the Wilderness area where he is researching the strange anomaly known only as Lapis. 
  • New Questline: Lost & Found 
    • Carla the pirate can be found in the Wilderness area where she needs your help recovering her treasure map.
    • Helping her opens up for finding hidden treasures around the world.
  • Bogglewoggle’s Recall Services
    • The Recall Services can be accessed in the Map & Journal interface.
    • Recalling is a one-way trip back to the shop.
    • Recalling costs coins. The first use every day is cheap, but everytime Bogglewoggle’s services are used he asks for more and more coins. Cost resets daily. 
  • On-screen HUD Hotkeys
    • We added on-screen hotkey guides to the main player HUD to help especially new players.
    • These can be turned off in the Settings menu but are on by default.
    • We want to add more on-screen hotkeys for other interfaces later.


  • Import polish
    • Automatic imports are now no longer canceled when the Cargo Lift storage is full.
    • Pending imports now auto-sort.
    • Pending imports can no longer be canceled by clicking them in the import inventory or storage.
    • When the import storage is full, a visual notification will be shown on top of the Cargo Lift.
    • Pending imports are no longer visible in the Cargo Lift storage – only in the import interface.
  • New Mailbox Interface
    • Updated button names and icons.
    • You can now expand the mailbox inventory for coins.
    • Bank investment payouts are now found in the mailbox inventory screen.
    • A white mail icon will now flash on top of the mailbox to notify you of new mail.
    • A red mail icon will now flash on top of the mailbox to notify you that the mailbox inventory is full.
  • Sandstone deposits now give around 50% more sand.
  • All non-mushroom herbs now drop fiber.
  • Workshop size 3 and 4 are now cheaper in terms of coins.
  • The Summoner Crate schematic is now unlocked by purchasing the Arcane-O-Coil schematic (instead of gathering 10.000 resources).

Bug fixes

  • Fixed some grammar and spelling errors.
  • Opening the Pause Menu while teleporting should no longer cause problems.

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