The Magical Mixture Mill (Steam) EA Update #5 (2023 September 14)

Modified on Fri, 22 Sep 2023 at 10:10 AM


New Content

  • New Biome: Bubbling Bog
    • Enveloped in a thick layer of suspiciously green fog.
    • Swampy, bubbly water that you don’t want to spend too much time in.
    • Spooky music.
    • What’s not to love?
  • New Feature: The Calendar
    • Next to the bed, you will now find a calendar.
    • The calendar shows the active weekly event, the upcoming weekly event, and how to trigger an alternative event in its place. 
    • Events last for a full in-game week and add unique modifiers for you to play into, hopefully increasing your profits.
  • New Resources
    • Throbheart - A throbbing, squishy life ingredient.
    • Glowlight Nub - A very flashy and pushy soul ingredient.
    • Withersap - A sticky, nasty death ingredient. 
  • Main Quest Continues
    • In order to officially become Griselda’s apprentice, you must prove yourself like never before - but not only to her.
  • Weather Effect: Rain
    • Randomly occurring effect that makes everything gray and wet. How cozy!
    • Bees hate rain.
    • Bugs are more plentiful.
    • Trees and herbs grow faster.


  • Updated Spawn Rules
    • The quarry is now separated into one area with mostly stone and another with mostly ore. This should result in more predictable access to mageroot.
    • Bee hives have been removed from certain areas in the Old Woods.
    • Cloud Shrooms now prefer growing inside ruined buildings.
    • Ghost Spores now prefer growing around Lifelemon Trees.
    • Noxious Bulbs are now more likely to grow closer to Petrified Trees as well as other Noxious Bulbs, making chain explosions more likely.
    • Petrified Trees prefer growing close to Noxious Bulbs.
    • Brain Fungi now grow at an increased rate after completing the quest ThePhilosophical Stone - Part 8.
  • Updated detailed cost/earnings breakdown when hovering over entries on the Daily Tally screen.
  • Tier 1 investments now only cost 2500 coins.
  • Tier 2 investments now only cost 15000 coins.
  • Updated water shaders.
  • The Balanced Flavor tag is now a +25% sales multiplier for potions instead of a flat number.
  • Reduced materials needed for tool enchantments - especially earlier enchants.
  • Reduced potions are needed for all customer quests - especially earlier quests.
  • Sorter Crate costs less coin to unlock.
  • The quest Unfortunate Son - Part 5 now only requires one Antivenom Potion to complete.
  • The quest The Philosophical Stone - Part 10 now also requires obsidian to complete.
  • The auto-pickup range has been clamped.
  • True Sight and Invisibility mixtures have been swapped according to the original design.
  • Truffles can now drop from all stumps in the Old Woods.
  • Wilderness is now slightly brighter at night.
  • Bees chase you for a shorter time.
  • Recall Services are now mentioned in the early main quest help text.
  • Renamed Enlarge mixture/potions to Enlargement.
  • Bank Investment Tier 2 has had its bonus text reduced.
  • Workstation notifications now blink in sync.
  • Swapped the order of Sorter Crate and Rusher Crate in the build menu interface.


Bug fixes

  • You can now withdraw coins from the mailbox again. Sorry about that one!
  • Customers should now always buy the potions that they say they buy after completing one of their quests.
  • Bottler outputs having no connections should no longer result in potions randomly disappearing. 
  • Cleared up some areas in the Old Woods that would cover the screen with leaves.
  • All of Griselda’s daily tasks should now have the correct text and objectives.
  • Reduced stutter when exiting the shop.
  • Restarting the game and destroying the healing potions Griselda gives you during the quest Wakey! Wakey! - Part 2 should no longer be possible.
  • The Flavorizer’s interface now properly displays flavors. 
  • The work order that requires Sauteed Shrooms now actually works.
  • Fixed some resources spawning in strange places.
  • The world clock now displays correctly when a game is loaded.
  • You can now scroll using a controller, on the Daily Tally screen.
  • Griselda is no longer stuck in her sitting pose the day after she has been sitting on her balcony.
  • Work order names are now updated in the quest tracker when you complete and pick up a new work order quest.
  • Dr. Wook no longer steals Lapis’ dialogue line at the end of the quest The Philosophical Stone - Part 7.
  • Removed an out-of-place invisible wall south of Carla’s camp.
  • Crushers now correctly output pebbles when output is not connected.
  • The world clock now reappears after moving a workstation
  • Fixed quests that had “nil” as their objectives.

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