The Magical Mixture Mill (Steam) EA Update #3 (2023 July 27)

Modified on Fri, 22 Sep, 2023 at 10:10 AM

New Content

  • Controller Support
    • A completely new control scheme for controllers including an official controller layout for the Steam Deck.
  • New Tool: Ronin’s Wakizashi
    • By helping Hazel the rogue, you can unlock this herb-slashing, ninja-dashing blade. 
  • New Questline: Mixing It Up
    • A new, short questline aimed to introduce new players to Distillers and the concept of mixing essences to create new mixtures.
  • NPC Routines
    • Griselda, Odie, and Carla now actually have a life and a daily schedule, making them move around depending on the time of day.
    • We will add routines to other NPCs when they get their quest chains implemented.


  • All Tool Enchantment costs have been updated and should be more balanced.
    • Moonlight Dust, which was a missing resource, has been removed from all upgrade costs, meaning that fully upgrading tools is now possible.
  • Stones can now be crushed
    • Crushing a Stone in a Crusher will yield either Pebbles, Mageroot, or Fossils.
  • Doubled Amber drop chance from Sandstone Deposits.
  • Geodes no longer yield Fossils or Amber.
  • The Valuables category has been renamed to Misc.
  • Griselda now rewards more bottles during tutorial quests.
  • We reduced the diamond cost of Arcane-O-Coil down from 5 to 1.
  • We reduced the fiber cost of repairing the Cargo Lift down from 50 to 10.
  • Workstations will now refuse to produce anything if they do not have any available recipe for combining all their content.
  • The Lapis Crater area in Wilderness has received a visual update.
  • Pulp has been removed from the game.
  • The Furnace workstation schematic now starts out unlocked. However, it still needs to be purchased with coins.
  • The Commercial Endeavours questline is now a main questline and now has help text in the quest tracker.
    • Unfortunately, some players will have to redo this 4-step questline, but we were forced to make this change in order to add help text for new players. 
  • While in build mode/workstation move mode, workstations should auto-rotate in a much more intuitive manner.
  • Moving a workstation that only has an adjacency connection no longer triggers a confirmation prompt.

Bug fixes

  • When importing, the “Total cost” should no longer be stuck at 1337.
  • The Workshop Expansion blueprint overview is now rotated correctly.
  • The UI should no longer break when the Journal is opened while placing a Workstation from the Build Menu.
  • Potions should no longer randomly disappear from the Shop Crate during the day.
  • Button highlights should no longer randomly disappear. 
  • Placing a workstation on top of another workstation should no longer result in getting stuck.
  • Using the hotkey to hide the UI should no longer break the pause menu.
  • It is no longer possible to force a day to continue past midnight by releasing the interact key on the bed just as the clock hits 00:00.

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