The Magical Mixture Mill (Steam) EA Update #8

Modified on Thu, 11 Jan 2024 at 11:28 AM



Hey, magical mixers!


Oh boy, this one’s a whopper! In fact, it is our biggest update ever! And we were sick half the time, so that was fun.


On top of new quests, biomes, resources, and workstations, it also has some much-requested features:

 First of which is the Customer Ledger. Finally, there is an in-game way to see what each customer wants to buy, as well as an overview of their level, wants, and personalities.


Another much-requested feature that we have added is the ability to colorize chests to better organize your workshops. You will have some chest colors available from the beginning, with others being unlocked as you play.


We have also made a bunch of minor and major changes. A small one that requires some explanation, is that we renamed Potency Rating to Power Rating. We kept seeing that some of you were missing the distinction between potency and potency rating. We believe it is because the terms were so similar, so we wanted to make them more distinct. Potency is what an ingredient has. Power Rating is what a mixture has, based on the combined potency of its ingredients.


For a long time, we have felt that the mid-game pacing was off. We came to the conclusion that the way our bottles are made slowed down this part of the game, and actively made it difficult to scale production in a meaningful way. Simply put, you guys had too many ingredients to bottle it all! To solve this, we are introducing flasks. Flasks are cheaper bottles that are easier to produce on a large scale, since they are made from fiber, which incidentally can be made by crushing ingredients. However, flasks have a downside: they can only hold the weakest of mixtures.


Our hope is that this leads to a more interesting progression, where you can start brewing a lot more potions early on, while also opening up for a “b-tier” production line in the late game, reserving quality bottles for only your best brews.

New Content

  • New Feature: Customer Ledger
    • A magical customer ledger can now be found on the counter next to the cash register.
    • The ledger contains a detailed overview of every customer, including which potions they are currently interested in.
    • Customers gain +1 experience if they buy a potion that meets their “Likes” requirement.
    • The ledger also shows some basic statistics, such as total potions brewed, and resources collected. 

  • New Feature: Chest Appearance Customization
    • When opening a chest, you can now change its coloring.
    • More colors/patterns can be unlocked by completing customer quests and side quests.
    • Chests are now wood colored instead of blue by default.

  • New Feature: Cravings
    • For every day that a customer is unable to purchase a specific potion on their list, there is a chance that they will start craving it. 
    • When a customer craves a potion, they will pay extra for it for an entire day.

  • New Main Quest
    • Griselda wants you to put the finishing touches on the Shroompedia. But in order to do that, you have to go somewhere no one else has been in a very long time.
    • BE AWARE: The final quest in this questline is not possible to complete in this update.

  • New Biome: Forgotten Forest
    • Continuing the main quest will lead you to discover this new mysterious area filled with giant trees, huge glowing mushrooms, and new resources.

  • New Resource: Wigglecup Tendril
    • Wigglecup Tendrils is a life ingredient that can be harvested from aggressive Wigglecups found in the Forgotten Forest.

  • New Resource: Witch’s Hat
    • Witch’s Hats are a death ingredient that is covered in toxic spores and can be found in the Forgotten Forest.

  • New Workstation: Grower
    • The Arcane Grower continually produces any of the five tier 1 resources.
    • Requires arcane power.

  • New Workstation: Flask Maker
    • The Flask Maker turns fiber into fiber flasks.

  • New Feature: Flasks
    • Flasks are made from fiber, which makes them much easier to produce in quantity early in the game.
    • However, flasks are weak and can only hold mixtures that have a sad power rating.



  •  Shroompedia Update
    • The shroompedia now explains where to find the resources you have added to it.
    • The Magical Mixtures overview should now give a much better overview of each individual mixture and your progress towards perfecting it.
    • The Materials section now consists of the four different ores as well as obsidian.

  • Customer Daily Progress Update
    • In addition to their experience gain, this end-of-day overview now also gives you a breakdown of everything a customer bought from you that day.
    • Also shows you a little breakdown of how their daily adventure went.
    • This screen now also shows you if a customer is craving a specific potion.
    • Lastly, you can also get some extra info on how customers make their purchases by clicking the question mark in the top right corner.
  • New teleportal added to southern Wilderness.
  • Bogglewoggle has found a way to remove all the pillars in the workshop without everything caving in.
  • Potency Rating was renamed to Power Rating.
    • Sad Power Rating is now 1-2 instead of 1.
    • Weak Power Rating is now 3-4 instead of 2-4.
  • Research has been renamed to Study.
  • Bottlemaker has been renamed Bottle Maker.
  • Klaphat Sample now has a potency of 3.
  • Cloudshroom now has a potency of 4.
  • Mandrake Bud now has a potency of 2.
  • Brain Fungus now has a potency of 3.
  • Arcane-O-Coil now has a radius of 2-6 (instead of 1-5) based on the mixture power rating.
  • The Summoner Crate workstation now outputs four times pr. cycle instead of one.
  • The Kiln workstation now has an extra possible input.
  • The Crusher workstation now has two extra possible inputs. 
  • The Arcane Furnace workstation now has its output at the front instead of the side. 
    • This will require you to replace already built Arcane Furnaces for them to function properly.
  • The Sorter Crate now outputs through all three outputs in a set sequence, making it also function as a splitter in all situations.
  • Repairing a workstation now closes the UI like any other action.
  • Chests no longer have an on/off status.
  • All workstations are now on by default when built.
  • Obsidian is now a material instead of a valuable.
  • Tweaked a bunch of little UI things.
  • Noxious Bulbs now only yield 3-5 Noxious Seeds.
  • Removed stone deposits from northern Wilderness to make Dream Snatcher dodging easier.
  • Locked hats now have hints on how to unlock them.
  • Made dialogue and hint text 30% bigger.
  • Improved performance, especially in Bubbling Bog.

Bug fixes

  • Controller Issues
    • It should no longer be able to call a “special” empty inventory that breaks the game.
    • When handing in the first healing potion to Griselda, you can now select all inventory slots.
    • It is no longer possible to not have a selection in UI screens.
    • You can now select the customers in the customer progress screen.
    • Recall Services text should now be correctly displayed.
    • Selecting Consume on an edible while already having a full stomach should no longer lock the controller.  
  • You can no longer make water potions by mixing hodgepodge.
  • The loading screen now correctly displays played time above 24 hours.
  • Fixed some dialogue grammar.
  • Potions should no longer disappear right after being bottled.
  • Fixed a bug where potions got stuck floating in the air.
  • Quest Completed notification no longer randomly gets stuck at the bottom of the screen.
  • The Poison Berry Pile now correctly disappears after completing the scarecrow questline.
  • Lapis now no longer has an empty dialogue.
  • Fixed a bug where Arcane-O-Coils would stop functioning correctly if another Arcane-O-Coil was too close.
  • Treasures should now correctly despawn.
  • Investment bonuses are now correctly displayed on the Daily Tally screen.
  • Meg is now polite enough to look at you when you speak to her.
  • All hats are now actually unlockable.
  • Fixed a bug that would stop you from progressing to a new day.
  • Clicking the Build Mode button while placing a Workstation should no longer break the game.
  • Having very long transporter paths should no longer slow down the game as the day progresses.
  • Cecil should now have his quest completion indicator for his level 20 quest.
  • Audio themes should now correctly match the biome when traveling via Teleportals.
  • Recall Services should no longer bug out when you spam-click it.
  • Choosing Fullscreen Windowed in the settings menu should now actually work.
  • Fixed some collider issues that could get you stuck in the environment.

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