The Magical Mixture Mill (Steam) Update 1.0.1 (2024 April 3)

Modified on Thu, 04 Apr 2024 at 09:04 AM


  • The shop broom now has more friends and sometimes shows up in the workshop as well.
  • When interacting with a workstation, a small colored square at its foot will make placement more intuitive.
  • When looking at an area you have discovered but is not currently located in on the map screen, it is now grayed out not blacked out.
  • Improved footstep sounds.
  • Removed a collider so you can now walk around the burned shed at the wheat fields.
  • Emptying a potion now creates a mixture puddle on the ground.
  • Added a notification above signposts so more players notice them.
  • The Map & Journal screen had a small polish pass.
  • Tweaked some audio.
  • Added a confirmation screen when returning to the main menu from the pause menu.
  • Crates now count as Workstations, making certain Alchemical Society trials and achievements easier to complete.

Bug fixes

  • Accepting the quest Due Credit part 8 no longer results in random issues with importing and earnings.
  • The Shroompedia should now correctly display the highest achieved power rating, enabling you to perfect all mixtures again.
  • Movement key binding now works even after changing key-binds multiple times.
  • Tier 2 Supplier investment bottle subscription now works correctly.
  • Tier 2 Tavern investment shop bonus now works correctly.
  • You can now complete Certified Supplier even though all customers are level 30.
  • The Alchemical Society trials Expert Mixer and Master Mixer should now be possible to complete.
  • Hovering over an undiscovered resource in the Shroompedia no longer discovers it.
  • When a herb patch is harvested and the sickle also hits a tree, the tree felling sound is no longer triggered.
  • Quest rewards are now correctly shown in sequence when completing a quest.
  • Fiona the Cat now has smoother transitions between her animations.
  • Selecting mixtures in the Shroomepdia Mixture overview should now be easier.
  • Fixed workstation scrubbers having odd rotations.
  • Ability telegraphs should now correctly render on top of the environment.
  • Birds should no longer spawn at strange locations - like inside a crate.
  • Dung Beetles no longer trigger their rolling sound after being harvested.
  • Tweaked a bunch of impact irregularities when targeting with tools.
  • Fixed various shader artifacts.
  • Fixed some misaligned landmarks on the Bubbling Bog map.
  • Changing vegetation settings while in-game should no longer make grass visible while inside the workshop.
  • The ‘close’ button on the hand-in-quest screen now works.
  • You can no longer become invulnerable to bees by canceling going to bed.
  • Rolling while targeting the wizard origin ability will no longer get you stuck.
  • Targeting a bracket fungi stump with a pick now shows the correct cursor icon.
  • Blade Dash can now hit resources that are downhill from you.
  • Mandrake VFX no longer lingers if you use Recall Services while it is active.
  • You can no longer get stuck in the crates near Tully.
  • When triggering Frenzy with the Beard Berserker axe, it no longer applies to your other equipped tools.
  • Divine Intervention no longer triggers inside the shop.
  • Alchemical Society Expert Mixer now updates correctly when brewing mighty potions with a tier 1 ingredient.
  • Odie and his camp are now easier to select using a controller.
  • Fixed some grammatical errors.
  • Tier 2 mixtures no longer have their essence types scrambled in the Shroompedia.
  • Cecil should no longer disappear into thin air when you complete their quest.
  • Fixed a collider that could appear outside the shop bridge.
  • Paladin origin ability should not make it possible to reach Forgotten Forest before doing the appropriate quests.
  • Agility and Resistance mixtures no longer have their names swapped.

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