The Magical Mixture Mill (Steam) Update 1.0.2 (2024 April 11)

Modified on Thu, 11 Apr 2024 at 10:24 AM

Hey, magical mixers!

We are back with another round of bug fixes and tweaks – and we also snuck in some quick balance changes that we hope will make the early game more smooth.

More to come later!


  • Repairing the Shop Shelves now only costs 2500 coins.
  • Repairing the Quarry Teleportal now costs 10000 coins and Copper Ingots instead of Gold Ingots.
  • Repairing the Old Woods Bridge now costs 200 Wood and 50 Petrified Wood.
  • Treasure Chests now rewards a lot more shiny, shiny gems.
  • Workstations that require arcane power but are turned off no longer display the “Needs Power” notification.
  • Crate contents have been slightly raised to make them more visible.
  • Default screen mode is now Full Screen Windowed instead of Exclusive.
  • The ‘Take All’ hotkey now also withdraws all the coins stored in the mailbox.
  • Trevor now has default dialogue.
  • Mandrake Bud and Brain Fungus have had their edible buffs swapped.
  • Making the Herbalist tier 3 investment now correctly unlocks importing of Mandrake Buds instead of Brain Fungus.
  • If we determine that this makes Brain Fungus too scarce, we will fix that in our next update.


  • Earnings are now rounded up correctly, and the Daily Tally math is now more clear. This should actually result in an increase in earnings. Yay!
  • All achievements should now trigger correctly.
  • The ‘Full Pockets’ event now correctly states that it increases the amount of potions bought by customers by up to 5.
  • Moving crates that are turned off no longer makes their contents visible.
  • Griselda should no longer randomly stare into the wall.
  • Customers no longer randomly freeze in place after being talked to.
  • Repairables (bridges, sample stand, etc.) are now always correctly reset between saves.
  • Fiber flask potions no longer turn into potions that don’t stack when they are received by a chest.
  • The Gilded Pick perk ‘Wham! Wham! Wham!” no longer triggers when it doesn’t damage at least 3 resources.
  • The achievement rewarded for completing Dr. Wook’s questline now correctly triggers off of part 11.
  • The quest objective for Magnum Fungus Opus part 3 no longer incorrectly states that Trevor can be found at the City Gates.
  • The ‘Full Stomach’ notification is now only visible when hovering over the ‘Consume’ action while the player already has an edible buff.
  • Building a Mega Crate on yourself should no longer get you stuck.
  • Changing resolutions back to back should now always work.
  • Various colliders were adjusted.
  • And a bunch of grammatical errors.

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