Unholy (Steam) v1.2 Patch Notes (2023 August 10)

Modified on Fri, 15 Sep 2023 at 01:06 PM

  • Better pathfinding for Infected and Hunters. This means that the issue where Infected while chasing the player in the Office, would go to a different floor instead of running towards the player, is resolved. It also improves many other areas theoretically.
  • Securing Vent Spawners from NPC glitching. Sometimes NPCs would abruptly stop exiting the Vent and get stuck inside the wall. Seba fixed this.
  • When the player is in a locker, enemies will immediately enter Blind Chase mode instead of running into a wall or staring at the locker.
  • Restores now trigger a Sensing Reset, so NPCs won't "know" what they knew before.
  • Infected rotation is precise to the Player. They won't take 45-degree steps four times to turn around 180 degrees, but they will turn 180 degrees precisely toward the Player they are chasing.
  • Sisters no longer make Guards stuck if they want to pass them. 
  • Fixed a bug where enemies would not properly exit the vents in the City Hall area in Chapter V
  • Fixed a bug where Guards could get stuck in certain places in Chapter V Square arena
  • Fixed a bug where Players could jump over a ladder and avoid the dialogue with trapped citizens in Chapter V Slums
  • Fixes to sounds in various places in the game

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