The Magical Mixture Mill (Steam) Full Release 1.0 Update (2024 March 27)

Modified on Wed, 27 Mar at 10:14 AM

Hey, magical mixers!

We did it! We reached full release and because of all your great feedback, we are really really proud of the result. 

1.0 brings a lot of new content and wraps up all quest lines - including the main quest which will lead to a new feature that should test your skills like nothing else: The Alchemical Society. 

The missing class origins are now also available and we think you will really enjoy their unique origin abilities.

There are also some new workstations and QoL changes that should improve the logistics of the workshop.

Oh yeah, and Griselda now has a cat, Fiona.

All in all, we have spent a lot of time balancing numbers, polishing UI, fixing bugs, and greatly improving performance across the entire game and we hope you enjoy it all!

New Content

  • New Origin: Necromancer
    • Embrace the dark side and harvest resources with your trusty undead sidekick, Merry.
  • New Origin: Paladin
    • As a former champion of the light, bravely and fearlessly charge through any obstacle you might face.
  • New Origin: Druid
    • You are so in tune with nature that you take on the form of a fast fox while being safe from aggressive flora.
  • New Resource: Wisp Egg
    • A soul ingredient collected from Wisp Nests found in the Forgotten Forest.
    • This is the last missing resource, allowing you to continue the main quest. 
  • Main Quest Conclusion
    • The conclusion of the main narrative that will finally see you take over the shop and stop Griselda from taking that 25% cut!
    • Also introduces you to the new Alchemical Society feature.
  • New Feature: Alchemical Society
    • A chance for you to prove yourself and finally join the Alchemical Society.
    • Exclusive rewards… if you can complete their trials.
  • New Workstation: Transmuter
    • As a member of the Alchemical Society, you can now transmute resources into other resources, opening up for endless workshop configurations.
  • New Workstation: Catapult Crate
    • An early workstation that throws resources over other workstations and connections, allowing you much more freedom when setting up your workshop.
  • New Workstation: Mega Crate
    • A 2x2 tile crate that can hold 25 stacks of resources.
  • Customer Quests Conclusion.
    • All customers can now reach level 30 where they offer a final quest..
    • The final quest can be completed in two different ways.
    • Depending on how you choose to complete this quest, the customer will buy a new type of mixture while also visually changing… sometimes drastically.
    • MORE HATS!
  • Fiona the Cat
    • Griselda’s cat finally found her way home and is roaming the shop!
  • 40 New Achievements!


  • Performance Improvements
    • Greatly increased general performance and FPS.
    • Removed a bunch of random stutters.
    • Improved area loading times.
  • Workstation Interaction Update
    • Revamped the workstation overview to now show you much more relevant info without having to read a bunch of text.
    • Added visual guides, helping you perfect your mixtures.
    • Input/output order should now make more sense.
    • Idle Extractors no longer have visual liquids in them.
    • You can now eject a mixture from a workstation if it is turned off.
  • Investment Update
    • Moved around export bonuses.
    • Yeast is now a baseline import - no investment needed.
    • Removed charcoal subscription.
    • Tier 2 and tier 3 investments now have an export requirement that needs to be achieved before they can be unlocked. 
    • Polished UI.
    • Added missing text.
  • UI Polish
    • Workstation tooltips are now always in the top left of the screen and are hidden while moving.
    • We added backgrounds to screens that were just mostly black.
    • Updated visuals for workstation-hover-over visuals, making everything less visually noisy.
    • Overall, UI transitions should now be more smooth and give better visual feedback.
    • Polish passes on almost all UI screens.
  • A new teleportal can be found near the quarry, giving easier access to minerals. But it won’t come cheap!
  • We added visual and audio warnings when the clock strikes 23:00, making it easier to make it to bed on time.
  • At the start of a new week, a new end-of-day screen now displays the new active event.
  • You can now return to the main menu from the in-game pause menu.
  • Northern Wilderness is now easier to navigate, making Dreamsnatchers easier to avoid.
  • Increased earnings for putting potions on robust, quality, elegant, and fancy bottles.
  • Customers now need more experience for their earlier levels, but less for their higher levels.
  • When a workstation breaks, ALL resources/mixtures inside it are destroyed.
  • The Old Woods Bridge now only costs 10.000 coins to repair.
  • The Forgotten Forest Teleportal now only costs 50.000 coins to repair.
  • Godwheat and Strawberry Bushes now yield more fiber.
  • Back in Business part 4 now has an extra objective: Gather 25 Mageroot.
  • Petrified trees are now the correct color and their branches turn into…pebbles?!
  • Added chest opening animations.
  • Tool HUD update.
  • Added colors to all ability icons.
  • We swapped the essences needed to make Agility and Resistance potions/mixtures.
  • Wigglecup Tendrils now have a savory flavor.
  • All musical themes have been polished.
  • You can no longer walk over the edges in the Forgotten Forest and get knocked out.
  • You can now return to the main menu from the pause menu.
  • The “Take all” action in the mailbox now also takes all stored coins
  • The Commercial Endeavors questline now triggers af the Unfortunate Son part 4, instead of part 3.
  • Bogglewoggle summons small magical scrubbers that randomly appear to wash your workstations. You are welcome. 
  • Workstation tooltips no longer say “invalid” when it is simply missing a resource to continue production.
  • Bubbling Bog teleportal repair cost has been reduced to 10000 coins..
  • The Arcane-O-Coil schematic cost has been reduced to 15000 coins..
  • Adv. Distiller schematic cost has been increased to 25000 coins. 
  • The Summoner Crate schematic cost has been reduced to 75000 coins.
  • Fermenter schematic cost has been reduced to 75000 coins.
  • Grower schematic cost has been reduced to

Bug fixes

  • Fixed various colliders in the Forgotten Forest, blocking you from getting stuck.
  • Shop shelf potions now visibly update correctly when you sort the Shop Crate inventory.
  • Certain workshop sounds are no longer audible in the Outskirts.
  • Fixed an issue where potions would randomly disappear when being outputted from a Bottler.
  • Workstation animations no longer stay paused when you unpause the game.
  • Mossy Bark should now correctly drop from certain trees.
  • Walking down the shop stairs should now feel more smooth.
  • Improved ambient occlusion.
  • Fixed some missing water reflection sky boxes.
  • Birds should no longer be visible in the workshop.
  • Bank Investment 2 now correctly increases the export earnings from Fossils and Gems.
  • Tier 3 mixtures no longer have their essences jumbled in the shroompedia mixture overview.
  • Customers now move on the main menu screen again.
  • The main avatar should now stick to the ground better, creating less “floaty” situations.
  • You can no longer stay up all night by timing your “go to bed click” just right.
  • The Shroompedia Mixtures Discovered count is now correct.
  • Divine Intervention shield no longer becomes invisible when running through water.
  • Customer Progress screen now correctly displays customer experience gains.
  • Workstation tooltips now correctly show one resource per connection point in the tooltip, instead of one for each connection point.
  • Fixed flickering specular light during rain.
  • Axe Throw no longer repeats at tool level level 1.
  • Mandrake screams and visual effect now actually stops when the mandrake has been eliminated.
  • The Scarecrow questline should now correctly trigger when you walk close to it.

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